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Down Cafe

Down Cafe

Bazı mekanların yemekleri, bazı mekanların servisi ve bazı mekanların da atmosferi etkileyici olur. Down Cafe’de bunların hepsi etkileyici.

(Some of the restaurants are very impressive with their foods, some of them are very impressive with their service quality and some of them are with their atmosphere. Down Cafe has all of them.)

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In this peaceful Sunday I am in the Atelier Real Food Restaurant which is in the main floor of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel İstanbul. While I was been taken to my reserved table, I felt the elegant atmosphere of the restaurant in every corner.

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Beşiktaş is one of the most important and crowded central districts of Istanbul. It is very popular with its football club, Beşiktaş (BJK). BJK is one of the 3 biggest Istanbul based football teams with Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe. If you visit the district you would see many places that covered with the flags, the colours (black & white) and the symbol (eagle) of BJK.

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Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Jiro Dreams of Sushi” is a documentary film that tells the story of Jiro Ono, age 85, who is making the best sushi of the world in Ginza Tube Station of Tokyo Subway. This is the story of a sushi chef who has dedicated himself to sushi and won Michelin 3 Stars in 2009.

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Ertuğrul Fırın Pide Restaurant

When the lunch time came, there were plenty of choices; a good season for fish, very famous Akçabat meat ball and delicious pide. Due to having time only for a lunch, I had to choose one of them. By the help of local people I chose pide . When it comes to pide, the local people said that Ertuğrul Fırın Pide is the right address for it. I said ok, lets go 🙂

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Recent Articles


Turkish Coffee

Today I want give a short brief about a Turkish Coffee book that is starting with these sentences “Since coffee reached Turkey in the middle of 16th century, a passionate relationship has grown between this hot beverage and the Turks. Although cultivating the coffee plant in Turkey is virtually impossible, the method of preparation that we have developed, beginning with roasting the beans and ending in the cup, has become and will continue to be known as “Turkish coffee”. Read more »







Barselona! İspanya denildiği zaman herkesin aklına ilk gelen şehir. İspanyollara göre İspanyolların, Katalanlara göre ise Katalanların şehri olan Barselona bugün dünyanın en gözde turistik yerleri arasında hiç şüphesiz ki ilk sıralarda. La Sagrada Familia ve Park Güell gibi eşsiz eserlerin mimarı Antoni Gaudi’si, adımlarınıza söz geçiremeyip kendinizi yürümekten alıkoyamayacağınız geniş caddeleri, dünyanın dört bir yanından futbolseverleri kendine çeken efsane futbol takımı ve tabi ki dillere destan lezzetleriyle her daim keşfe hazır bir şehir…Read more »



Filmin Sonunda Tost Yemek İsteyeceksiniz

2014 yılında seyirciyle buluşan “Chef” isimli filmden bahsetmek istiyorum. Uzun yıllardır bu kadar keyifli bir film izlememiş olabilirim. Size filmin teknik ve bilimsel incelemesini yapacak değilim. Zaten bunu da yapamam. Ama filmin bana hissettirdiklerini sizinle paylaşabilirim. Read more »



Tarihi Sarıyer Börekçisi (Meşhur Sarıyer Börekçisi)

If you write a book about the “Börek“s of Istanbul, you probably would make a special part for the Börek places in Sarıyer district.

When you talk about Börek, Sarıyer comes to mind first. And at the same time Tarihi Sarıyer Börekçisi comes to mind while you are talking about the Börek places in Sarıyer. This place is older than 100 years old, and it takes its customers to a delicious adventure while serving its böreks. Read more »

Rakı & Meze



Meyhanes (Turkish Tavern) has very important place in İstanbul’s eating and drinking culture. The tables accompanied with white Rakı (traditional Turkish alcohol), are the places where the people talk many subjects; confession of secret loves, the country’s problems, memories of the school years, or the dreams of leaving city life. In short, every thing belongs to real life would be a subject of these tables. Read more »

1.5 portion döner


Bayramoğlu Döner

When you say Turkey, kebab and döner are the foods come to mind first. Not only in Turkey, also in the Turkish restaurants abroad, döner is one of the most important meat meals. But, finding delicious döner is not easy at all. Because of that there is always the question of where to eat the best döner. One of the best answers to this question is Bayramoğlu Döner Restaurant. Read more »



Meşhur Köfteci Sami Usta

Don’t mind her streets filled up with forgotten and dilapidated buildings, Karaköy is one of the oldest districts of İstanbul. Due to the increasing interest, Karaköy is returning rapidly to its old glory days. Everyday a new restaurant is being opened in Karaköy. But now I am going to write one meatball restaurant which is an old one. Read more »

Kıymalı Pide (with minced meat)


MÇC Lider Pide Restaurant

MÇC Lider Pide Restaurant (Lider Pide) was established in 1991 by Ahmet Zor. Now the restaurant is managed by his 3 sons; Metin, Çetin and Cemil. The 3 letters in the name of the restaurant, MÇC, are the first letters of them.

The menu of the restaurant has Trabzon (city in Turkey) style Pides. All the ingredients are originally from Trabzon. You can understand the importance of this while you are eating your delicious pide. Read more »


PİDE (Bafra Pide Restoranı)


Looking for the tastes of the city I grew up in is quite a strange story. If you do not know where to find the delights of your childhood, you can never stop your hunger. Fortunately, I was so lucky that I found the taste I was looking for, in a small restaurant in Asian side of Istanbul. The name of this restaurant was Bafra Pide Restaurant. Read more »

My Kumpir

KUMPİR in Ortaköy

Potato’s Dance with Fire: KUMPİR (BAKED POTATO)

Ortaköy is one of the cutest districts of Istanbul at the Bosphorus shore. Natives of Istanbul always visit this district in whether summer or winter. Ortaköy is not popular only with its remarkable Bosphorus view and also with its “KUMPİR”. Read more »

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